Produits de management d’entreprise

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BEVA Global Management Inc. (BEVA) ® est une société internationale de conseil en gestion et de formation avec plus de 20 ans d’expérience.

BEVA® est spécialisé dans le conseil en management, les ressources humaines, le développement des affaires, la gestion de projets, de programmes et de portefeuilles et le développement professionnel.

BEVA® est reconnu comme un fournisseur en éducation agréé – Registered Education Provider (REP) ® avec le Project Management Institute (PMI) ®.


The City of Bathurst, in New Brunswick Canada received a report from BEVA Global Management identifying its current organizational capacity in project management using SysteoPlus®.

The outcome of the report provides the City with a baseline of its current capacity in delivering projects. The report also provides recommendations to the City on how to enhance some of their processes in order to improve its maturity.

« We are very pleased with the simple and yet beneficial outcome of the assessment that was completed. »

Tracy Branch

Deputy City Manager

« SysteoPlus® was performed to support the selection process of a new CEO. “Thank you for supporting us with our major project to improve and change some of our policies and our procedures of our organizational structure. By situating the organizational structure in the heart of the project concerns, we will be able to identify the competencies required to select the next director.

Your professionalism, expertise and your knowledge of the latest trends in management and organizational capacity assessment and your willingness to adapt in the light of our culture, will positively and certainly contribute to the hiring of a future leader. »

Kelly Raymond

Board of Directors, Interlude House, Ottawa, Ontario

« We have just completed an assessment using SysteoPlus® to measure our organizational capacity inprogram management. We received a high score due to the implementation of a project management system that was recommended in the first SysteoPlus® evaluation performed in 2013. This rigorous and transparent project management system has enabled our organization to increase our efficiency significantly. »

Michel Robillard

Director General, COFA, Ottawa, Ontario