January 31, 2018

BEVA Global Management a.k.a. BEVA is proud to announce that they have signed a partnership agreement with CASUGOL an international training company based out of Singapore. BEVA soft skills courses will be offered across the globe including France, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, South Africa, Nigeria, and Uganda.

The agreement will permit BEVA Learning Institute the training for BEVA  to offer courses such as Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), and Machine Learning in Canada and in France.

‟This partnership brings BEVA to the international scene. This is an exciting time for BEVA and its team!” Richard Bett President and CEO.

January 29, 2018

BEVA Global Management a.k.a. BEVA is proud to announce that they have signed a partnership agreement with the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) Toronto. Their members will have access to a wide range of professional courses for which these courses will be considered as Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

‟This partnership will be beneficial for the Professionals who want to maintain their certifications in human resources. BEVA offers professional courses in career planning and transition, leadership and management foundation, leadership development, management/supervisory, professional effectiveness, personal development and project management.” Richard Bett President and CEO.

September 19, 2017

BEVA Global Management a.k.a. BEVA is proud to announce that they have signed a partnership agreement with ITM Platform a European company that developed a cloud-based project management software. Companies will have access to an application that is easy to use, have the features that will permit them to do strategic planning, agile and classic projects, resource management, track customers, suppliers and risks, and seamless integration with API. ‟This partnership will be beneficial for companies who are looking for something simple, cost effective and flexible in regards to project management.” Richard Bett President and CEO.

November 25th, 2016

 BEVA Global Management Inc. a.k.a BEVA has a presence in Uganda.

A kick-off presentation with breakfast was delivered to more than 50 people that comprised of government, businesses, education, banking, insurance, not for profit organizations, professionals and students. “It was a great success” says Lilly Obina the owner of Kaizen Benchmarks a Uganda company and BEVA authorized agent for Uganda.

“Our focus is to concentrate on project management where Uganda will benefit in terms of delivering projects in a consistent way. People will have a chance to get trained in project management, as well get a job in project management. This will be a great booster for the Uganda economy as well”. Lilly Obina.

“This is exciting times where BEVA can offer its services and products through local representation in  various parts of the world. I am looking forward to working with Lilly and her people in Uganda and make a difference in that part of the world”. Richard Bett is President and CEO of BEVA Global Management Inc. in Canada.

In the picture above you see Lilly and Richard talked about Kaizen Benchmarks and BEVA business relationship and the value it will bring to the people and economy in Uganda. This business meeting was held during the evening with local business people.

May 21 2015 – BEVA Global Management in Canada also known as BEVA expands into Lyon France.

After two years working together, BEVA and Master Performance, based in Aix-en-Provence, establishes BEVA Europe.

BEVA Europe, an independent company “Will offer complementary skills to assist businesses with their development” explains Hubert Bachelard president of BEVA Europe and the director of Master Performance.

For more than 20 years following operational growth, BEVA offers services in management, human resources, information management and information technology, projects, program and portfolio, and professional training…

The Canadian structure created by Richard Bett and Jean Vachon (for BEVA) has 150 consultants in North America, including 35 associates.

On the Master Performance side, they provide tools to optimize the development of sales and customer relations, as well as the management of human resources. “Our methods are adapted for all businesses, for all sizes and for all sectors of activity,” says Hubert Bachelard.

The three co-leaders are driven to setup various locations throughout Europe since establishing in Lyon. Within three years, BEVA Europe should have 150 expert- consultants in their fields.

Liberal translation from the article published in the Lyon Journal- ÉCONOMIE



January 2015 – EDUCPRO Inc. has merged with BEVA Global Management Inc.

Incorporated in 2006 and servicing a broad base of clients EDUCPRO is reputed as a leader in training and coaching in project management. BEVA acquired EDUCPRO in 2011 as a subsidiary.

EDUCPRO transfer of the REP® designation to BEVA has recently been approved by PMI®. BEVA will continue to provide all of the services and more to EDUCPRO current clients.

BEVA has more than 400 hours of project management courses in English and French. It offers exam preparation courses for both PMP and CAPM. BEVA also works with the education sector leading to a community college certificate in project management. A certificate is available in English through Northern College and in French through La Cité Collégiale.

BEVA provides multi-disciplinary management consulting to small, medium and large organizations. BEVA has more than one hundred consultants located throughout Canada to help your organization in regards to organizational capacity, human resources, project management, information technology, and general management.

December 2014BEVA is pleased to announce that they received the Project Management Institute (PMI®) Registered Education Provider (REP®), designation. This world-class designation will certainly place BEVA at the forefront of project management training and will undoubtedly be recognized as a major achievement by their clients.

August 2014 – BEVA is proud to announce that their flagship product “SysteoPlus®” is now registered.

January 2014 – Société en developpement et gestion de resources (SDGR) Inc. has merged with BEVA Global Management Inc. Incorporated in 1993 and servicing a broad base of clients, SDGR provided management consulting services to the private, public and non-profit sectors.  SDGR received and contributed to many awards. In 1998 it was recognized as the fastest growing consulting firm in New Brunswick. It contributed to the achievement of the Trillium Award received by la Cité Collégiale for its capital projects campaign. It was also reputed for its services in 3P.

BEVA Global Management Inc. acquired SDGR in 2012 as a subsidiary.

All of the services provided by SDGR are now fully integrated and available through BEVA.

May 2012 – BEVA Global Management Inc., joins the Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) Registered Consultant Program (RCP®), an online resource that provides organizations with the convenience of accessing a PMI-maintained list of consulting firms that are able to improve your project, program and portfolio management practices.

BEVA is part of an elite group of not more than 150 companies that have been accepted in the Registered Consultant Program (REP®) of the Project Management Institute (PMI). Although a number of the RCPs offer services in Canada only six are actually Canadian based.

We invite you to visit the PMI RCP website and lookup our registration at the following address: http://www.consultantregistry.pmi.org/r5/cob_page.asp?searchstring=BEVA&search-quicksubmit.x=70&search-quick-submit.y=25

BEVA Global Management Inc., provides expert consulting services to all levels of government and the private and not-for-profit sectors.

“I am very happy and proud that BEVA has been accepted in the Project Management Institute’s Registered Consultant Program”. This gives credibility to our organization as experts in project management as well it validates our work accomplished along the way. This places us ahead of the competition. We will proudly continue to be so.” Richard Bett, PMP Co-President of BEVA Global Management Inc.

October 2012 – BEVA purchases the MCO Business Group, located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, a Leader in Talent Management and specializes in Recruiting, Career Transition, Outplacement, Retirement Planning, Executive Coaching, Leadership and Corporate Training services.

MCO has been providing Public and Private Sector clients with a broad range of Human Resources services since 1993.

MCO has been a Partner in Career Partners International (CPI) since 1997 which provides HR and Talent Management services in over 45 countries around the world through more than 270 office locations.

October 2010BEVA Global Management Inc., based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada also known as BEVA is founded.

BEVA begins its acquisitions. ABET Technologies Inc., EDUCPRO Inc., and SDGR Inc., become the first to be part of the group.

BEVA through its companies continues to offer services in project management, project management consulting, IM/IT, human resource consulting, career transition, outplacement, general management, 3P consulting services, training and coaching in both official languages.