Are You Eligible For The PMP Exam?

Are You Eligible For The PMP Exam?

As a project manager, you are willing to go above and beyond the regular planning and deliver stellar results. You are obviously dedicated if you are taking Project Management Professional (PMP) training.

The Importance of Well Written Job Descriptions

After experiencing departmental reorganization or even an entire restructuring of your organization, you will undoubtedly have openings for new hires to join the team. One way to attract the right people to the departments that need filling is to post the job description on a hiring board or website and wait for the resumes to pour in.

What is Career Transition and Outplacement?

In the management world, one of the most often asked questions would be “what is career transition and/or outplacement?” For those who seek to change their career and start a new life, understanding the answer to that question is crucial to your success. That is why we have developed an FAQ to give you a look into career transition and outplacement services like the ones we provide.