BEVA is a leader in professional development/training in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and other Canadian cities and offers one of the most extensive course directory to its clients. The courses are unique and are offered by experienced trainers and experts in their fields. The BEVA course directory refers to the following categories:

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BEVA – Course Directory


Course TitleIDLanguageDuration in DaysCost
Art of Resume and DevelopmentCPT 101E,F1$595
Assessing Career Options & Preparing a Career PlanCPT 102E,F2$1,195
Career Planning and Goal SettingCPT 103E,F2$1,195
Create Your Career GPS®CPT 104E,F1Call us
Financial Planning SeminarCPT 105E,F0.5$350
Impact of change – ManagersCPT 108E,F1$595
Impact of change – Remaining EmployeesCPT 107E,F1$595
Interview TechniquesCPT 106E,F1$595
Job Search TechniquesCPT 110E,F1$595
Starting Your Own BusinessCPT 109E,F1$595
E = English, F = Fench

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COMMUNICATIONS Training / Courses

Course TitleIDLanguageDuration in DaysCost
Art of NetworkingCOMM103E,F2$1,195
Assertive Approach to Managing ConflictCOMM104E,F2 or 4$1,195 or $2,195
Assertive CommunicationCOMM104E,F2$1,195
Building Confidence Through AssertivenessCOMM107E3 half day sessions (1per/wk)$900
Business WritingCOMM108E1$595
Communicating EffectivelyCOMM111E, F1$595
Communication and Social StylesCOMM133E,F1$595
Conducting Effective MeetingsCOMM112E,F1$595
Conflict ManagementCOMM113E,F2$1,195
Conflict ResolutionCOMM114E,F2$1,195
Customer RelationsCOMM116E,F1$595
Dealing With Difficult PeopleCOMM117E,F1$595
Dealing With StressCOMM118E,F1$595
Effective Presentation Skills – Train the TrainerCOMM119E,F1$595
Emotional Intelligence at WorkCOMM120E,F1$595
Exceptional Customer ServiceCOMM121E,F1 to 2$595 or $1,195
Giving and Receiving FeedbackCOMM122E,F2$1,195
Group/Meeting FacilitationCOMM123E,F2$1,195
Harassment Awareness – Creating a Respectful workplaceCOMM134E,F1$595
Healthy Conversations at WorkCOMM101E,F1$595
Healthy Conversations at Work – For ManagersCOMM102E,F1$595
Intercultural CommunicationsCOMM136E,F1$595
Internal Consulting SkillsCOMM126E,F2$1,195
Interviewing SkillsCOMM127E,F1$595
Negotiating SkillsCOMM129E,F2$1,195
Negotiating Skills For Non SpecialistsCOMM128E,F1 0r 2$595 or $1,195
Oral PresentationsCOMM131E,F1$595
Presentation SkillsCOMM132E,F1$595
Putting Your Words to WorkCOMM109E,F1$595
Telephone EtiquetteCOMM110E,F1$595

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LEADERSHIP Training / Courses

Course TitleIDLanguageDuration in DaysCost
Coaching in the WorkplaceLEAD109E,F2$1,195
Creating a Culture of CollaborationLEAD110E,F.5$350
High Performance TeamLEAD112E,F2$1,195
Inspire Confidence: The True Power of InfluenceLEAD101E,F1$595
Introduction to CoachingLEAD108E,F.5$350
Leader’s DNA, The: Transforming TeamsLEAD102E,F2$1 195
Leadership – The Building BlocksLEAD104E,F1$595
Leadership for Team Leaders and SupervisorsLEAD105E,F2$1 195
Manage Paradoxes: The Secret of Efficient and Incredible LeadersLEAD107E,F1$595
Responding to Employees Who UnderperformLEAD106E,F1$595
The Hard Work of Getting to the “Soft Stuff”LEAD111E,F1$595

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Course TitleIDLanguageDuration in DaysCost
An Affective Approach to Resolving ConflictMNT/SU102E,F1$595
Appreciative Leadership WorkshopMNT/SU114E,F2$1,195
Career Planning and Goal SettingMNT/SU105E2$1,195
Career Coaching Your Employees (CCE)MNT/SU106E,F1$595
Competency Based TrainingMNT/SU108E,F2$1,195
Facilitate InnovationMNT/SU101E,F1$595
Four Generations – Four Approaches to WorkMNT/SU117E,F.5$350
From Creativity To Innovation: Harnessing The Creative Potential of it’s Orgaganization – Facilitate InnovationMNT/SU111E,F1$595
Gyroscope: The Impact of Your Decisions on Human PerformanceMNT/SU110E,F1$595
Leading Through ChangeMNT/SU113E,F1$595
Leading Through ResistanceMNT/SU116E,F1$595
Strategic Thinking and PlanningMNT/SU109E,F1$595
Strategies to Help People During Transition and ChangeMNT/SU115E,F1$595
Team BuildingMNT/SU103E,F2$1,195

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Course TitleIDLanguageDuration in DaysCost
Adapting to change – Change ManagementPPD104E,F1 or 2$595 or $1,195
Advanced FacilitationPPD101E,F2$1,195
Animation of MeetingsPPD102E,F1$595
Bringing Balance to LifePPD105E,F1$595
Developing Your Capacity To AnticipatePPD121E,F1$595
Developing Your Creativity: Wake Up The Creative Genius In YouPPD122E,F1$595
Effective Team DevelopmentPPD106E,F2$1,195
Evaluating PerformancePPD120E,F2$1,195
Group Consensus BuildingPPD109E,F1$595
Innovating In The Public Service: Fiction or RealityPPD123E,F1$595
Lunch and Learn : Various subject on site or virtualPPD110E,F1 hourT.B.D.
Managing Priorities (with In-Basket-Exercises)PPD103E,F1$595
Performance ManagementPPD111E,F2$1,195
Preparing for an Appointment ProcessPPD112E,F1$595
Problem Solving and Solution BuildingPPD113E,F2$1,195
Process ImprovementsPPD124E,F1$595
Profitable Innovation: Focus On the Innovation EffortsPPD125E,F1$595
Self as an Instrument of ChangePPD108E,F.5$350
Stress ManagementPPD114E,F1$595
Time/Stress Management For ProfessionalsPPD116E,F1$595
Time Management – Working Smarter Not HarderPPD117E,F1$595
Time Management and PrioritiesPPD126E,F1$595
Work Planning for Better Life BalancePPD118E,F2$1,195
Working in TeamsPPD119E,F1$595

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PRE-RETIREMENT Seminars/Training / Courses

Planning My FutureRP 001E,F2Call us
Pre-Retirement PlanningRP 002E,F3Call us

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BEVA is the provider of the Project Management Content and is accredited by the Project Management Institute as a Registered Education Provider. Profesional Development Units (PDUs) are given for certified PM courses to those who qualifies.


Course TitleIDLanguageDuration in DaysCost
Financial Management for Project Management ProfessionalsPM106E,F1$595
How to use Collaboration Tools to Manage ProjectsPM107E,F1$595
How to Write a Project Management PlanPM108E,F1$595
Managing Stakeholders and RequirementsPM110E,F1$595
MS Project Application – AdvancedPM111E,F2$1,195
MS Project Application – BasicPM112E,F2$1,195
MS Project Server/ClientPM123E,F1$595
Performance ManagementPM113E,F3$1,495
Portfolio ManagementPM115E,F3$1,495
Program ManagementPM129E,F3$1,495
Problem Solving and Solution BuildingPM116E,F3$1,495
Procurement ManagementPM105E,F3$1,495
Project Change ManagementPM117E,F3$1,495
Project Communications Management (12PDUs)PM104E,F2$1,195
Project Management Fundamentals (12PDUs)PM101E,F2$1,195
Project Management – AdvancedPM103E,F2$1,195
Project Management Leadership and CommunicationsPM121E,F3$1,495
Project Management for Government of CanadaPM130E,F3$1,495
Project Management TerminologyPM120E,F1$595
Project Quality ManagementPM125E,F1$595
Project Risk ManagementPM122E,F1$595
Project Troubleshooting and RecoveryPM124E,F1$595
Risk AnalysisPM127E,F1$595
Schedule and Cost ControlPM128E,F3$1,495
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Professional ServicesLanguageCost
Human Resource and Business Management ServicesE,FContact BEVA
Outplacement and RecruitmentE,FContact BEVA
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