Organizational Capacity Assessment, Capacité
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                      Business / Organizational Capacity Assessment is Necessary


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    “Survey data showed that organizations employing their typical PM approach would meet or exceed the organization’s quality standards 93% of the time; deliver within the project’s scope 92% of the time; and result in meeting or exceeding the projected business benefits of the project 89% of the time.”

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    SysteoPlus® will be used to benchmark your organization. You will then have a reference on which to build and measure your increased efficiency.

    SysteoPlus® can pinpoint specific areas for improvement or look at the “global” organization.

    SysteoPlus® certification demonstrates your ability to deliver projects successfully.

    SysteoPlus® is more than a quality assurance system. It assembles all the processes of an organization into one efficient system.

    Whether you are a government department or a non-profit government agency, or a public or private company, you can benefit from using SysteoPlus®

    SysteoPlus® has been designed and developed by BEVA’s expert consultants, project managers and instructors.

    What better solution to streamline existing processes and practices to ensure that the work needed to be done can be performed by your current resources?

    SysteoPlus® our unique system, is a combination of various components that together form an efficient Enterprise Project Management System (E.P.M.S.).

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