ProServices Supply Arrangement

BEVA Global Management Inc. a.k.a. BEVA®, is pleased to inform you that we have been awarded a ProServices Supply Arrangement with the Federal Government of Canada.

Supply Arrangement # E60ZT-152199/176/ZT
Supplier # 857177919PG0001

BEVA qualified in the following categories for Atlantic, Halifax, Moncton, Québec, Québec City, Montreal, National Capital Region (NCR), Ontario, Toronto, Western, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Pacific, Vancouver, Victoria :

1. Stream 5 - (P) Project Management Services5.9 Project ManagerYesYesYes
2. Stream 8 - Human Resources Services8.1 Human Resources ConsultantYesYesYes
8.2 Leadership Development ConsultantYesYesYes
8.3 Staffing ConsultantYesYesYes
3. Stream 9 - Business Consulting / Management9.12 Evaluation Services ConsultantYesYesYes
9.14 Subject Matter ExpertYesYesYes
9.15 Facilitator ConsultantYesYesYes
4. Stream 10 - Project Management Services10.2 Project ManagerYesYesYes
10.4 Project PlannerYesYesYes

Our consultants have may years of experience and considered experts in their field. BEVA goes through a screening process before the consultants are selected.

We have been providing consulting services and training to government, para-public, private and non-profit organizations through acquisitions since 1993.

For more information on our services, please contact us at :