Business Planning (Plans)

Do you need a business plan for your bank or investors or for other funding?

BEVA has the expertise, to develop a sound business plan with five (5) years of financial forecasts to present to your banker, investors or sponsors.

Our resources have been recruited for their leading-edge management knowledge and skills. They are selected, not only for their expertise, but also for having worked in the area of the mandate assigned to them. In this way, we believe that our experts are better able to understand the working environment and respond with their sound advice to the real needs of the client.

Organizations or businesses that are looking for a solid business plan can depend on BEVA® expertise. Our associates have many years of experience in meeting with clients to develop a business plan that one can follow and implement. We can facilitate your process, prepare your business plan that will meet your needs and your funding partner.

The following is what BEVA can offer in terms of preparing your business plan and implementation.

• Develop a mission and vision statement
• Develop a strategic plan
• Perform a SWOT analysis
• Provide an option analysis
• Provide recommendations
• Develop an implementation plan
• Monitor and control the implementation
• Provide a closure report
• Provide training in finance, management, leadership, sales and innovation