Project Management Office Services

As a Business Owner, Director or Manager of an Organization are you Asking Yourself the Following Questions:

  1. Is my business or organization struggling in managing multiple projects?
  2. Is it my core business or organisation’s mandate to set up and maintain a Project Management Office (PMO)?
  3. How can I save money and allocate the savings to operations?
  4. Do we have the competency in managing Projects?
  5. Is my business or organization using best practices in project management?
  6. How quickly can we respond to organizational change in a fast paced environment in regards to Project Management?
  7. What would I do if my lead project management employee says “I ‘m leaving”?
  8. Am I steadily waiting for reports that should not take a day to produce?

Entrust Your Projects to BEVA PMO

The BEVA Project Management Office (PMO) assists businesses and organizations in the control of their project management activities. BEVA PMO’s GOAL is to ensure that our clients have access to their project information without worrying about the project management itself.

BEVA PMO’s PEOPLE are trained and certified in project management and are subject to code of ethics.

BEVA PMO’s PROCESSES are aligned with the Project Management Institute the world’s leading not-for-profit professional membership association for the project, program and portfolio management profession.

BEVA PMO’s TECHNOLOGY includes the latest project management applications and can be set up on the CLOUD with mobile access.