Specialized Staffing and Recruitment

Our staffing consultants have extensive experience managing competitive and non-competitive staffing processes under the Public Service Employment Act that came in to effect in 2006.

We understand that more and more is being asked of managers when they need to staff their positions. We are here  to help. Our consultants can manage an entire staffing process for you or they can help you with one particular phase that you might not have time for, like screening applications or conducting references.

Our staffing support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Developing the strategic Statements of Merit that ensure a robust assessment through different tools and volume management through the use of asset criteria;
  • Developing the assessment tools for exams, interviews and references including all of the questions and answers;
  • Screening the applications;
  • Conducting the exams via email;
  • Assessing the exams;
  • Participating as a rating member on interview boards;
  • Conducting the reference checks; and
  • Conducting the informal discussions for candidates screened out of a process providing detailed feedback to candidates as well as tips to improve results in future processes.

Throughout the process our consultants provide advice and guidance, drawing on best practices and current thinking from the Public Service Commission and recommendations from recent Tribunal decisions.