BEVA innovation Institute

First Innovation Authorized Training Provider in Ontario


BEVA Innovation Institute is the first Authorized Training Provider® (ATP®) to offer certified innovation courses in

Ontario, Canada recognized by the Global Innovation Institute (GInI)®.

BEVA® is authorized and accredited by GInI® and delivers GInI Exam Preparation Training Courses.

GInI® is the world’s leading professional certification, accreditation, and membership association in the field of innovation.



Various Innovation Certifications now available:

BEVA Innovation Institute offers certified training to individuals who have an interest of helping organizations become more innovative and efficient. They are recognized  by their peers as innovative and creative.  Their colleagues seek them in order to pass on their ideas since they know you are the person that can get this done!!

In these turbulent times, organizations are seeking professionals with innovative ideas to help them go through unprecedented transitions due to COVID-19.

Are you that person?

If yes, why not apply your knowledge towards a global innovation certification and get recognized by your peers!!

BEVA Innovation Institute now offers five distinctive certifications in innovation and are recognized by the Global Innovation Institute (GInI)®


Training Delivery Methods

  • Virtual training instructor led
  • Client facility
  • BEVA Learning Institute training facility

GInI credential holders can be confident therefore that their professional credentials have been developed in accordance with industry best practices and are based on the inputs of the practitioners who have established these standards.

The GInI Professional Certification program awards five different certifications to individuals, each based on the passing of a professional examination. These five certifications are:

 About BEVA Innovation Institute Trainers

Our trainers are university educated professionals with many years of experience in innovation and creativity. They can help you achieve in the world of innovation and make a difference in your life and others.