TSPS Supply Arrangement

BEVA Global Management Inc. a.k.a. BEVA®, is pleased to inform you that we have been awarded TSPS Supply Arrangements with the Federal Government of Canada.

Supply Arrangement # E60ZT-16TSPS/389/ZT
Supply Arrangement # E60ZT-18TSPS/049/ZT

Supplier # 857177919PG0001


BEVA qualified in the following categories for Atlantic, Halifax, Moncton, Québec, Québec City, Montreal, National Capital Region (NCR), Ontario, Toronto, Western, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Pacific, Vancouver, and Victoria :

Streams Category Junior Intermediate Senior
1. Human Resources Services Stream 1.1 Human Resources Consultant Yes Yes Yes
  1.2 Organizational Design and Classification Consultant Yes Yes Yes
  1.7 Leadership Development Consultant Yes Yes Yes
  1.8 Staffing Consultant Yes Yes Yes
2. Business Consulting / Change Management Stream 2.1 Business Analyst Yes Yes Yes
  2.14 Subject Matter Expert Yes Yes Yes
  2.15 Facilitator Consultant Yes Yes Yes
  2.3 Business Consultant Yes Yes Yes
  2.4 Organization Development Consultant Yes Yes Yes
  2.6 Change Management Consultant Yes Yes Yes
3. Project Management Services Stream 3.2 Project Manager Yes Yes Yes
  3.4 Project Planner Yes Yes Yes

Our consultants have many years of experience and considered experts in their field. BEVA goes through a screening process before the consultants are selected.

BEVA has been providing consulting services and training to government, para-public, private and non-profit organizations through acquisitions since 1993.