Best Practices – Project Charter

If and when the business case is accepted the next important step in the initiating process group is for the project sponsor to develop a project charter. The project sponsor is the one who initially starts and funds the project. A project charter is a high level...

Best Practice – Business Case Template

Most projects stems from an idea, an initiative to enhance the current situation or a solution to solve a problem. Despite its origin, a selection process needs to be in place to ensure that potential projects are aligned with the organization vision, mission statement and strategic plan…

Project Management Best Practices Series

Identifying and following project management best practices is crucial for the project success. It is also vital for the organization as a whole to ensure these best practices are in place. In this series, I will identify project management best practices throughout the project life cycle. Each process group such as Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling and Monitoring and Closing process groups will be covered.