Training your employees through business courses gives them practical knowledge they can use to improve performance and increase productivity. Through the BEVA Learning Institute, we offer innovative business courses that give employees practical knowledge. This is a great way to prepare promising employees for leadership positions and promotions.


Corporate Training for Your Entire Team

Whether you choose virtual training, online training courses or on-site workshops, corporate training can help you give your employees an edge. Offering business classes boosts morale and immediately translates to everyday tasks. As an added incentive, in Ontario, corporate training programs come with financial support from the government under the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG).

Here are a few corporate training courses we recommend for employees who want to improve their skills or learn new ones:

  • Budget and Financial Reports introduces non-finance employees to budgeting terminology and helps finance veterans refine their reporting and forecasting techniques.
  • Sales Fundamentals and Coaching Salespeople provide career path support to junior salespeople and veterans who want to advance to leadership roles.
  • General business courses universally raise the standards within your organization. That’s why we offer courses on business writing, Excel, and cloud technology to help your team stay ahead of the curve on the latest business tools and skills.

From Organizational Design to Customer Support to Entrepreneurship, our business courses offer a comprehensive view of how corporations work.


What Are the Advantages of Offering Corporate Training in Ontario?

  • Improve employee performance. Teaching employees basic and advanced skills gives them the confidence they need to improve their job performance. When you work with a reliable corporate training vendor, you can match employees to available courses on everything from finance to sales to entrepreneurship.
  • Start new hires off on the right foot. Interesting courses with pragmatic content allow you to provide consistent, effective training for new hires. This ensures that everyone starts out on the same page and equipped with the skills needed to do an amazing job.
  • Increase engagement. If you are lucky enough to have loyal employees who have been with the company for years, don’t let them stagnate. Engaged employees love what they do and have a high level of productivity. Unmotivated employees watch the clock and drain your business of vital energy.
  • Retain your best employees. Recruiting and onboarding new employees can take a lot of time and energy away from critical tasks. Instead, invest in the employees you have with useful corporate training programs that help your team build a culture of continuous learning and improvement. By developing your current staff, you can build deep bench strength and fill higher level positions from within.

BEVA Learning Institute is committed to providing interesting training courses that help you build consistency among your employees. You can browse through our extensive course list to find opportunities to educate your workforce or contact us for more information.

About the Author

As a Master Degree in Science in Project Management from the University of Québec , Richard is a dynamic bilingual professional with more than 25 years of progressively senior leadership experience in various industry sectors such as retail, construction, non-profit organizations, research and development, information technology and government. Richard holds various designation such as Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified International Project Manager (CIPM), Certified Master Project Manager (MPM) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Richard is also known as a reputable and knowledgeable instructor in project management in both English and in French in class and virtual.