Instructor Signup



Step One – Online Training

  • Quick Start
  • LMS Features
  • Equipment Survey Quiz


Step Two – Big Blue Button (BBB) Session

Objective: Participate in two live sessions for familiarity with LMS and BBB

  • Join a Live Technical Training Session and Learn BBB
  • Learning Tasks
  • Join our LMS with a technical support person
  • Participate in a private chat with another observer
  • Test and understand audio and video
  • Mute and unmute audio
  • Screen sharing
  • Shared Notes
  • Public Chat


Join Live Teaching Session as a Student

Learning Tasks

    • Join a scheduled teaching session as an observer
    • Participate in a private chat and understand the teaching methods being used
    • Read and follow the LMS training material being presented
    • Do a recorded audio quiz
    • Fill in a survey