ITM Platform – Projects, Programs, Portfolio

Comprehensive Online Project Management Software

Fast deployment

Your PPM environment will be up and running in less than 2 weeks, including user training and project migration.

Easy to use across departments

User experience is optimized for the most ambitious project integration: costs, tasks, resources, communication, revenues, risks, and more.

Align projects with objectives

Connect your projects with your company’s business objectives and make informed decisions that maximize performance and productivity.

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Here are some of the features that will help you with project management.

Portfolio and Programs

Manage your entire portfolio in a fully-featured solution. Structure your projects within business programs. Set goals and assess results.

Align Strategies with Execution

Make project decisions based on business priorities and real-time data.

Integrations and API

ITM Platform coexists happily with your current software. Report efforts from Slack, import your Gantt charts from MS Project, or connect ITM Platform with your existing systems using our API for developers.

Classic and agile projects

Manage your projects in predictive mode using our Gantt Chart or in agile mode with Kanban boards.

Resource Management

Manage all your project resources from a unified portfolio view. Match demand and allocation effortlessly.