ITM Platform – Projects, Programs, Portfolio

Comprehensive Online Project Management Software

Fast deployment

Your PPM environment will be up and running in less than 2 weeks, including user training and project migration.

Easy to use across departments

User experience is optimized for the most ambitious project integration: costs, tasks, resources, communication, revenues, risks, and more.

Align projects with objectives

Connect your projects with your company’s business objectives and make informed decisions that maximize performance and productivity.

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Unified management of programs and portfolio

Program and portfolio management allows you to progress, report and distribute resources shared among projects.

Resource management

Assign tasks, services and projects, and identify resource scarcity and overload ahead of time.

Classic and agile projects

Combine different methodologies according to the nature of the projects: IT, Marketing, New product designs, logistics, engineering, etc.

Financial control

Improve project profitability and your overall cashflow: ITM Platform controls costs and measures margins by project, program and customer.