KOAN-PM Assessment

What is KOAN-PM (KOAN Project Management Inventory)?

The KOAN-PM is an online tool for assessing the project management competencies of an individual based on their personality rather than on their own self-image. As a result, it is possible to accurately predict the behaviour and competencies of project managers and team members and to effectively identify their developmental needs.

Is KNOWING the competencies of your Project Managers of strategic value for your organization?
KOAN-PM can help you identify the people with the right project management competencies.
ON which Project Manager could you rely to finish difficult tasks?
If you don’t know, KOAN-PM can help.
Are the AMBITIONS of your Project Managers in sync with your project management needs?
KOAN-PM can answer this question.
Is NOMINATING the best Project Manager for a challenging project difficult for you?
KOAN-PM can help you with choosing the right person.
Can you PLAN a training strategy to stretch a Project Manager’s potential?
KOAN-PM can help you identify areas of training.
Is MANPOWER optimization essential to the success of your complex projects?
KOAN-PM can help you during the optimization process.

KOAN-PM can help you identify and measure your Project Managers’ behaviours and competencies.

Why use KOAN-PM to measure behaviours and competencies?

Project Management questionnaires are conceptual by nature – the questionnaire consists of very transparent items. Project Managers can easily ascertain what the question is intended to measure. As a result, the questionnaire measures an individual’s self-image as opposed to their true personality. It also makes it easy for Project Managers and team members to direct the results according to the manner in which they want to be perceived or how they believe one should be in order to hold a certain position.

During its creation, the KOAN-PM experts sought to develop the most accurate predictor of the true competencies of a Project Manager. To reach this goal they used an empirical approach. The empirical approach to developing personality and competency tools is the strongest research method. It leads to the highest prediction rates and is the least vulnerable to cultural differences. Consequently, it is also the most exhaustive approach, putting a high demand on the quality of the data gathering. This method helps to reveal items that have no obvious relationship with the researched concepts but that do have a strong predictive relationship in reality.

The Project Manager/ team member filling in the questionnaire has no idea what exactly is measured by any specific question, thereby making it difficult to direct the answers towards a clear goal.

The result is a strong prediction of the personality, competencies, and work style of the individual.