Managing Stakeholders and Requirements

Managing Stakeholders and Requirements – PM120

Duration: 1 day

Target Audience: Managers/Supervisors/Team Leads/Team Members

Learning Objectives:

The participant will be able to identify a stakeholder, the importance of buy-in from the stakeholders, stakeholder register, stakeholder matrix, stakeholder management and strategy.

The participant will also learn how to identify requirements and develop a document to trace deliverables back to requirements.


The methodology used in this one day training rests on an interactive approach where the instructor incites participants to collaborate with him. The instructor will guide and help the participants to increase their knowledge and experience in order to integrate this new material.

Course Content:

Process Groups according to the Project Life Cycle

• Initiating
• Planning
• Executing / Monitoring and Controlling

Knowledge Areas identified by the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK)

• Project Integration Management
• Project Scope Management
• Project Stakeholder Management

Project Initiating (Identification)

• Review Project Charter
• Define Stakeholder
• Identify Stakeholders
• Understand the Stakeholder Register
• Understand the Stakeholder Matrix
• Exercise – Identify the Stakeholders
• Understand the Stakeholder Management Strategy
• Exercise – Complete a Stakeholder Register and Stakeholder Management Strategy

Project Planning

• Define Requirements
• Identify the Source of Requirements
• Identify the Types of Requirements
• Requirement Process
• Show a Requirement Traceability Matrix
• Exercise – Identify, gather and monitor requirements

Project Implementation/Monitoring and Controlling

• Manage Stakeholders Expectations
• Manage Stakeholder Engagement
• Control Stakeholder Engagement

Supplement Material

A participant’s manual is available for the participant to follow during the instructor’s presentation as well as exercises.

Benefits to the participants

Throughout the activities, the participants will be able to examine their current practices in project management and will be able to apply new methods which will enhance their performance.

Course Evaluation

 A course evaluation will be completed by the learners once the course is finished.

Note: The course outline may be subject to change.

Price: $ 595 plus taxes