Are You Maximizing the Potential of e-Learning?

One of the greatest things in the world is learning, and as B.B. King has said, “No one can take it away from you.” However, learning in its traditional form may not be as inclusive and affordable as we would like it to be. From deteriorating physical infrastructure and shortages in courses or professors, to unattainable qualifiers and prohibitive fees, classroom learning presents several challenges. You may end up paying thousands of dollars and still not get the chance to study exactly what you want.

E-learning addresses many of these challenges by bringing affordable, quality education to your fingertips. Are you looking at learning opportunities for yourself?Do you want to identify programs suitable for the professional development of your employees? No matter what your goals, it’s important to know more about the benefits of online learning and how you can maximize its potential to fuel learning and growth.

Top 7 Benefits of Online Learning


Your education moves with you: More and more companies across the globe are adopting telecommuting for several types of jobs. Ina world where working from home or from anywhere in the world is quickly becoming a norm, having access to education anytime, anywhere is a definite advantage. All you need is a digital device, such as a phone, laptop or tablet to study your chosen e-learning course.

You choose your learning environment: No travel to classes or sitting in uncomfortable chairs that give you back pain by the time you finish your day. You decide the learning environment that works best for you. Whether it involves sitting in your pajamas, in the comfort of your home, or at your favorite coffee shop or co-working space, you choose where you wish to learn.

You define your pace of learning: Unlike traditional classrooms, online learning gives you the option to decide how quickly to move from one topic to another. Instead of cramming too much information at one time or feeling bored in a session that you are already familiar with, you decide when and how much to learn. Skip what you feel confident about and take your time with the topics that you need more time to absorb. E-learning offers better engagement, better comprehension, and efficient use of your time and attention span to learn new things.

You maximize your resources: Not only are e-learning courses less expensive than traditional classroom learning, organizations that provide such opportunities for their employees usually find that their teams are more willing to put forth an effort to move up the ladder. There is a certain sense of pride and belonging in knowing that their company is willing to invest in their learning and growth, which in turn reflects positively in their efficiency and morale. Hence, online learning is not only a cost-effective strategy for individuals, but also for organizations looking for an affordable initiative to address learning and development, recognition and retention, and productivity growth.

Your learning is relevant and up to date: Most online course developers continually update their curriculum and information to ensure that what you learn is relevant and factually accurate. Moreover, the design and structure of e-learning courses encourages learners to use critical thinking skills to absorb the subject matter more efficiently and retain it for longer periods of time. Which means, you are not just learning, but also activating and sharpening other skills during your study time.

Your learning objectives can be flexible: Whether you wish to up-skill in a specific area, or refresh your knowledge, online professional development and training courses can be tailored to your individual or organization’s needs. Learn whatever you want, and as much as you want.

You have the power to strengthen your resume: Online learning is gaining increasing acceptance for its effectiveness and relevance. Educators and employers, who may previously have looked down upon e-learning as an easier and inferior option that lacks credibility, have now started valuing its potential and benefits. Which means, completion of an online learning course, especially from a reputed institute, can significantly strengthen your resume. It shows your commitment towards continuous learning for skill and knowledge upgrades to both, current and potential employers.

Enjoy the Benefits of Online Learning for Individual and Organizational Needs

There are several other benefits of online learning. Not only can you retain your job and structure your learning without disrupting your schedule, the sheer variety of courses offered online allows you to learn whatever you want, whenever you want. When you are looking to grow as an individual, online learning based professional development is one of the best ways to do it. In fact, e-learning is an excellent way to introduce a new series of training to employees and other members of staff. It doesn’t matter whether it is a new subject, or a refresher course, the flexibility of online learning platforms makes it surprisingly easy to tailor the course to your needs.

At BEVA Global Management Inc., we offer over 190 affordable and flexible courses, both, instructor-led and self-paced, in English, as well as French. From emerging technologies, project management, and business management, to leadership training, marketing, and personal effectiveness, you can choose from a highly diverse range of subjects. We are also happy to customize the courses to suit your individual and organizational e-learning requirements.

How to learn more about online learning in Canada

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