PM 360° Assessment

PM360°: The Instrument

The PM360° is a web-based set of questions and forms part of a larger 360° platform that contains questionnaires for Executive and Management Level, Sales Management, PM Risk Management and more. A 360° is a list of open-ended behavioural questions that are rated by the participant’s professional environment, e.g. the Project Manager and his superior, his sponsor, his peers and his project team. The PM360° list is based on research and covers a broad spectrum of behaviours that successful Project Managers display in a variety of settings.

PM360°: The Report

The PM360° feedback report consist of three parts:

  1. A graphical overview shows how the answer modus of the Self relates to the answer modus of the people who responded to the questionnaire. The first graph shows a generic picture and a second graph gives an overview of the Self compared to the different subgroups.
  2. The consolidated data of all people who responded is provided, apart from the answers of the boss. Every question with its respective answers is listed.
  3. The answers on the open questions are shown and form highly valuable testimonies of appreciation and personal feedback to the Self.

Also Available on our 360° Platform:

  • 360° for Head of PMO
  • 360° for PM & Risk Management