Public Sector Management

Public Private Partnership

A public private partnership is often looked at by managers as a possible alternative when faced with financial constraints or when there is a need for specific expertise.

If you are reviewing service delivery or planning a new project it is wise to consider your options. Consider the partnership approach. Let us accompany you or simply undertake studies of these options: fiscal benefit, cost/benefit. We never represent the private sector. We are there for the public benefit. We can represent or assist you in your RFP process or when negotiating agreements. Whether it be financing, expertise or resources, a public private partnership is an alternative.

Our experts have acquired more than 20 years of experience with the public private approach. Feel free to call for an opinion.

Ottawa Urban Management

Municipal councils and senior management are often faced with situations where they require new tools to meet the financial shortfalls by implementing new processes. If the causes are the direct result of increases in costs, economic development slowdown or the increase responsibilities, we offer more than 30 years of experience in urban management acquired in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

Visit our listing of services and browse our accomplishments. You will see how we have successfully helped other municipalities increase efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. Call on our consultant to review your processes and recommend innovative approaches to service delivery.

Ottawa Economic Development

Private sector involvement in economic development is poorly explored as a way of increasing the tax base. From an economic development strategy or business review, we focus on key economic sectors, ensuring their compatibility with the area. Through this process we stop the chase in many directions and focus on an industrial group that will have an interest for your organization.

Economic development for the not-for-profit sector is aimed at ensuring the organization’s sustainability. Better than fundraising, negotiating agreements with partners in support of your programs will be a means to achieve this goal.

Ottawa Land Development

You are confronted with another developer. You need to consider land use, infrastructure planning, tax base or environmental impact. This will serve as the basis for a development agreement. We have represented municipalities and have been involved in project negotiations with values up to $400 million.

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