Communications Plan

Ottawa Communications Plan

Are you looking to enhance correspondence towards your employees, vendors and stakeholders?

Every organization or business requires a communications plan. You need to know what will be communicated, to whom, when and how. BEVA can assist you in developing your communications plan. BEVA has many years in developing communications plans to ensure that your message is being delivered to the right people, at the right time, using the proper method. Whether you work  in government, at a Crown corporation, or for a public, non-profit, or private company, we can develop a clear and effective communications plan that will add value to your organization or business. Communications occurs internally and externally. Internally, upper management will need to inform the stakeholders and employees of the organization or business vision, mission and strategic plan.  Externally, clients will need to know of the available products and services. Finally, vendors will need to know of any necessary procurement processes and distribution channels.