SysteoPlus® Experts

SysteoPlus® is in demand

SysteoPlus® growing demand is creating a need to recruit Project Management Professionals (PMP) throughout out the country and beyond to perform organizational and business assessments. More and more organizations are opting to choose SysteoPlus® as their   methodology and tool of choice to determine their current Organizational Capacity to deliver projects. Once the Organizational Capacity is known, the organization has a benchmark to work from. SysteoPlus® is also in a position to assess the current organizational capacity for organizations to manage programs.

Do you want to be a certified SysteoPlus® Expert?

The benefit of being a certified SysteoPlus® Expert is an opportunity to meet CEOs, Presidents, upper management and board members from various organizations in different fields. You will be part of a winning team, work with a product that is unique in the market place, work with leaders in organizational capacity assessment, and increase your chances to travel if you wish to.

How do I become a certified SysteoPlus® Expert?

BEVA Global Management offers SysteoPlus® training to Project Managment Professsionals who are interested in working at the organization executive level. At this level, the SysteoPlus® expert will be working with upper managment to determine their current organizational capacity in delivering projects and programs. SysteoPlus® training will be provided by BEVA project management experts.