TUCO – Queue Management Application

No more waiting in a physical line up.

A new queue management application by the name of TUCO, has been developed in Canada’s National Capital Region with the goal of promoting social distancing and keeping people safe and healthy.

BEVA Global Management Inc. also known as BEVA® is the business development sponsor that will promote the TUCO application. BEVA® will be responsible for the marketing and sales of this new application, while focusing on the moral awareness of the entrepreneurs.

BEVA® will approach walk-in clinics, pharmacies, government services, restaurants and other types of entrepreneurs and will also promote the TUCO presence on social networks.

The following are the “core features” of TUCO.

1. Mobile Virtual line, which would get rid of physical crowds at your business location thus decreasing both the Flu and COVID-19 exposure. It is difficult for people to stand outside while waiting, especially for parents with babies or young children, the elderly and people with disabilities. You will also be able to setup an appointment if required.

2. TUCO  is completely free, and it will generate substantial CASH for your business. 

3. All forms will be digital on mobile devices, which is a revolutionary method of allowing customers/patients to fill out any required forms you have, using their own personal mobile devices in a comfortable and secure environment. This is all about PROTECTING both your customers/patients and your staff from the unnecessary handling of paper forms and pens.  Your business will save thousands of dollars by reducing the printing of forms, thus promoting your business as being eco-friendly, as well as reducing administrative time completing various forms manually.

4. You will also be able to promote your own special offers on our TUCO system as well.

For more information on TUCO,  click here to be redirected to our YouTube video that describes this unique product.