Earning your Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification is a great way to demonstrate your dedication and mastery of the project management discipline. PMP® certified professionals enjoy a number of benefits, including: increased earning potential, improved job prospects, and greater respect from colleagues. If you’re looking to advance your career as a project manager, a great way to do it is to start by training for the project management professional certification. With this credential under your belt, you’ll be primed for success in any project-related role. 

Benefits to the person of earning PMP® certification: 

  • Increased job opportunities: Project management is a growing field, and employers often prefer to hire candidates with a PMP® certification. 
  • Higher salaries: In many cases, project managers with a PMP® certification earn more than those without one. 
  • Greater credibility and respect from colleagues: training for the project management professional certification shows that you are committed to your career and have the skills to back it up. This can lead to greater respect from your colleagues. 

Benefits to the company of hiring someone with a PMP® certification 

There are many benefits that a company can reap by hiring someone with a Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification. 

  • Individuals with this credential have demonstrated their ability to successfully manage projects from start to finish, and they possess the skills and knowledge necessary to see a project through to completion within scope, on time, and within budget. 
  • Certified project managers also have access to a wealth of resources and networking opportunities through the Project Management Institute (PMI), which can help them keep up with best practices in the field and stay abreast of new trends. 
  • Additionally, hiring a PMP®-certified individual often signals to clients and other stakeholders that a company is serious about managing its projects effectively and is committed to meeting deadlines and budgets. This can give the company a competitive edge when bidding on new work. 
  • Finally, having even one PMP®-certified employee on staff can help a company qualify for project management software discounts and other cost-savings opportunities. 

Earning your PMP® certification can have a positive impact on your career. Not only will you be able to demonstrate that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to manage projects successfully, but you’ll also learn best practices that can help you deliver projects on time and within budget. If you’re looking for a way to take your project management career to the next level, consider enrolling in one of our project management training courses in Ontario today. 

About the Author

As a Master Degree in Science in Project Management from the University of Québec , Richard is a dynamic bilingual professional with more than 25 years of progressively senior leadership experience in various industry sectors such as retail, construction, non-profit organizations, research and development, information technology and government. Richard holds various designation such as Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified International Project Manager (CIPM), Certified Master Project Manager (MPM) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Richard is also known as a reputable and knowledgeable instructor in project management in both English and in French in class and virtual.