Leadership Training

Leadership is fundamentally a relational practice.

It is realized and most effective in relationship. We are becoming more and more obsessed with getting leadership right and are looking for the “super-person” who will lead us out of uncertainty and into stability and certainty. However rather than stepping away from others (into the phone booth to change) perhaps another way of leading is realized when one moves closer to others and adopts a stance of listening, learning to foster collaboration, engagement and personal accountability.

We are faced today with complex issues full of uncertainty, requiring new ways of thinking and finding solutions that address a myriad of interconnected issues; requiring us to go beyond the capacity of simply one individual.

Effectiveness as a leader is realized when followers chose to follow and accept leadership. As a leader, I am a part of these relationships, not apart from these relationships. When the focus is on relational leadership; the focus on collaborative practices that foster and creative innovative ways to respond to emerging issues and creating collective resilience to adapt to uncertainty.

Join us if you want to develop your self-mastery skills as well as to enhance your capacity to work more effectively and collaboratively with others.

Join us if you are starting out on your journey of leadership or if you want to explore another way of looking at leadership with the aim of enhancing your leadership capacity and competencies.

BEVA offers the following Leadership courses.

Course TitleIDLanguageDuration in DaysCostRegister
Coaching in the WorkplaceLEAD109English2 days$1,195REGISTER
Creating a Culture of CollaborationLEAD110English.5 day$350REGISTER
High Performance TeamsLEAD112English2 days$1,195REGISTER
Inspire Confidence: The True Power of InfluenceLEAD101English1 day$595REGISTER
Introduction to CoachingLEAD108English.5 day$350REGISTER
Leader's DNA, Transforming TeamsLEAD102English5 days (spread over 4 to 6 months)$1,800REGISTER
LeadershipLEAD103English2 days$1,195REGISTER
Leadership - The Building BlocksLEAD104English1 day$595REGISTER
Leadership For Teams Leaders and SupervisorsLEAD105English2 days$1,195REGISTER
Magane Paradoxes: The Secret of Efficient and Incredible LeadersLEAD107English2 days$1,195REGISTER
Responding to Employees Who UnderperformLEAD106English1 day$595REGISTER
The Hard Work of Getting to the Soft StuffLEAD111English1 day$595REGISTER

For more information on the leadership courses, please contact: training-formation@bevaglobal.com