Are you looking for a way to ensure that your employees are happy and satisfied at work? According to a 2014 TINYhr survey, a sample group of more than 200,000 workers from around the globe weighed in on how pleased they are with growth opportunities at work. A shocking 66-percent of employees stated that they were unhappy with the amount of opportunities for professional development at their workplace. In other words, they did not feel they were being supported.


Sometimes, businesses cannot always provide professional development to their employees due to lack of funding. If that is the case, you are in luck. Here are some of the best free professional development resources that you can offer to your employees.


Technology Development

These days, technology is at the forefront of most careers. Employees who are not technologically savvy are going to feel like they are the weakest links in the workplace. In order to keep everyone productive and efficient, you should ensure that they all know the basics of Microsoft Office, such as Word and Excel, as well as some other programs required for work, like Microsoft Projects or Adobe.


Here are some examples of free technology development courses for your employees to use:


  • Getting Started With Google Analytics (Udemy)
  • Intensive Introduction to Computer Science (Harvard Open Courses)
  • Excel Easy (Excel Easy)
  • Introduction to Web Development: HTML (Udemy)
  • Javascript (Code School)
  • Google’s Python Class (Google)
  • HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals (edX)
  • Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies (edX)


Analytical Skills Development

Creative and innovative thinkers are necessary this day in age. Employees who can think critically and solve problems on their own are highly sought after. In fact, many employers believe someone’s ability to think critically is more important than their undergraduate major.


Here are some resources that develop analytical skills:


  • Big Data For Better Performance (Open2Study)
  • Sets, Counting, and Probability (Harvard Open Courses)
  • Effective Problem-Solving and Decision-Making (Coursera)
  • Making Sense of News (edX)
  • Big Data: Measuring and Predicting Human Behavior (FutureLearn)
  • Mindware: Critical Thinking for the Information Age (Coursera)
  • Think Again I: How to Understand Arguments (Coursera)

Communications Development

An effective communicator is a valued resource in the workplace. It is a soft skill that many people feel they are not adept in. Most businesses seek out people who can communicate effectively, as well. Therefore, if you want your employees to gain increased confidence in their public speaking skills and communicating with customers, guide them to courses such as the following:


  • Introduction to Public Speaking (edX)
  • Communication for Managers (Massachusetts Institute for Technology)
  • Being an Effective Presenter (Udemy)
  • Corporate Communications (Saylor Academy)
  • 8 Steps to Discovering and Creating Content Your Audience Will Love (Online Marketing Institute)


Leadership Development

In 2015, Deloitte had a Millennial survey where more than 7,800 Millennials responded. 60-percent stated they wanted a senior leadership position at their current job eventually. This means that Millennials want leadership and the skills required to get there. To get your employees ready for management roles, show them these courses:


  • Introduction to Management (Kaplan University)
  • Fundamentals of Management (Coursera)
  • Introduction to Project Management Principles and Practicies (Coursera)
  • Managing People Who Hate Managing (American Marketing Association)
  • Fundamentals of Corporate Management (Alison)
  • Strategic Management (Open2Study)


Although there are an infinite amount of free resources and courses for employees to grow and learn new skills, free MOOCs and similar courses from places like Kaplan University, Harvard Open Courses, edX, Coursera, and more are excellent choices. These courses can also serve as credit towards degrees in some cases!


Do you have any favorite free resources for professional development? Let us know!


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